Las Vegas Escorts vs Las Vegas Dating


They don’t call Las Vegas “Sin City” for nothing. The city has built it’s reputation on adult entertainment. In fact, Las Vegas can be considered one of the best destinations to find the most attractive women in the world. With escort cards being pushed on you while walking from casino to casino it’s easy to see why they call Las Vegas the City of Sin. It’s truly SINsational! If it’s sex you are looking for then finding Las Vegas escorts is not very difficult. But is that what you really want? Maybe you are looking for something slightly more meaningful and without the risk that comes from hiring escorts in Las Vegas. 

You could visit one of the many Strip Clubs in Vegas. That can be fun but often leaves you frustrated and wanting something more. One of the great things about Las Vegas is there is no shortage of entertainment. In the late 90’s the Las Vegas Hotels started building mega clubs. With state of the art sound systems and light shows. These clubs also host the who’s who of DJ’s. From Calvin Harris and Tiesto to Deadmau5 and Martin Garrix. 


These Vegas Nightclubs are packed with single women! Unfortunately they are also packed independent escorts that are there specifically to look for guys with money. Some times they are easy to spot and other times not so much. If you are spending thousands on bottle service and a table with a great location you are sure to attract the Las Vegas escorts that work the Nightclubs.  The one way most escorts give themselves away is being aggressive. They will usually come on strong to find out if you are interested. If you are not interested they need to quickly move on until they find someone who is willing to pay them. Don’t be fooled into thinking all of these women are suddenly attracted to you. If you are looking for someone genuine It will probably take a little more than buying them a drink to get them up to your room. The good news is Las Vegas is one of the easiest places in the United States to pick up single women. 


So before you take that much needed vacation to Sin City look up one of the many events calendars online and start planning your visit. With so much to do it can be a bit overwhelming and you could very easily end up missing out on some of the best events going on around you. Hiring a reputable VIP service before you arrive is always a good option. Let them know what you are looking for and they will make it happen. They will also save you from waiting in those long lines into the clubs that can often eat up half of your evening. You could also search PVSSY for a friend with benefits or for that perfect love connection and bring them with you on your Vegas Vacation. If it is a Vegas Escort you desire there are plenty of websites that you can search. Listed below are the five most popular online destinations for your escort search.


Best places to find Gay Escorts. 

The LGBT scene in Las Vegas is alive like never before. There are many clubs that cater to the gay and lesbian community. Below is a list of the TOP 10 LGBT bars/clubs in Las Vegas. 


10. Flair Nightclub

9.  Piranha Nightclub

8. Flex Cocktail Lounge

7. QuadZ Bar

6. The Phoenix

5. The Badlands Saloon

4. FreeZone

3. Temptation Sundays Luxor pool party

2. Bastille on 3rd

1. The Garage


Prostitution is  illegal in Las Vegas

Prostitution is not legal in Clark County (which contains Las Vegas), or Washoe County (which contains Reno). Prostitution is legal in Nye County west of Las Vegas and in Ely Nevada (White Pine County) North of Las Vegas. Many people believe prostitution is legal in all of Nevada and unfortunately they find out the hard way that is not the case.  If you are in Las Vegas and would like to visit one of the many brothels in Nevada you will need a full tank on gas and some time to kill. 

The Stardust Ranch Brothel in Ely is my personal favorite. Most brothels are in the middle of Nowhere. Literally miles and miles from the nearest town. That is not the case in Ely Nevada. Both of the brothels are right in the heart of downtown Ely. Both Brothel’s are directly across the street from each other. The Big 4 and the Stardust. The big four is usually a ghost town. Stardust is usually pretty busy as it seems to be the locals favorite bars. Both brothels are walking distance from the historic hotels and casinos. One of the oldest active trains in America runs right behind the beautiful beer garden at the Stardust brothel. The train does several tours to the local mines for the tourists. There is so much to see and do in the historic town of Ely. From fishing and canoeing the mountain lakes to gambling at one of the historic local casinos. The brothels of Ely should be on every mans bucket list. Women are also welcome. 

If you head west from Las Vegas you  will run into the town of Pahrump. The  two brothels in Pahrump are all the way at the very end of homestead road. When you think you must of past them, Keep going.  The first on your left is the Chicken Ranch. It looks beautiful from the outside but unfortunately sometimes looks can be deceiving. That’s actually a fake façade on the front of the building. Behind that beautiful fake façade or a bunch of single wide mobile home is all linked together. It has a little bar with a pool table but that’s really about all it has going for it. The few times that I have been there I was the only one in the bar. 

If you drive just passed the chicken ranch again on your left will be sherries ranch. This is probably one of the nicer brothel‘s and Nevada. The selection of girls is usually pretty good and the have some beautiful Themed rooms. There are usually several people hanging out in the bar depending on what time you were there. The only downside of Sherry’s ranch are the prices. They are definitely on the high side in my opinion. 

So of you are visiting Las Vegas remember that prostitution is just as illegal in Sin City as it is in every other city across America. 


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The Girlfriend Experience (GFE) 

 What is the girlfriend experience? You might think iGFE is someone following you around the house all day telling you how wrong you are about everything. Or maybe someone that complains that you want to hang out with your friends. I could go on but I digress. It’s the complete opposite. It’s actually things most guys never get from their girlfriend. It’s affection, it’s kissing and rubbing and hot crazy out of control SEX! That’s right my friends. All the things your girlfriend use to do before she became your girlfriend. Unfortunately the only thing your girlfriend and ‘the girlfriend experience’ have in common is that both cost you a lot of money. 


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Las Vegas is also home to the most legal escort services in the United States. We recommend you contact a licensed escort serviice. Do your reaserch! There are plenty of legal reputable services within the city limits. However, we strongly suggest you search for something more meaningfull. Something that will last longer than a few hours. Our website offers just that. People just like yourself. People that are looking for a little more.

You might be surprised to learn that Las Vegas has the highest migration rate of young, single college graduates in the nation. That makes sense to Keith Schwer, the director of Business and Economic Research at UNLV university, said statistics show young, single college graduates are more likely to move to Las Vegas than other Metropolitan areas because they have fewer ties and more opportunities. The economic boom in southern Nevada is not showing any signs of slowing down and it’s destined to be a hot spot for young educated single women and men for years to come. 


The Benefits of Sin City

 The great thing about dating in Las Vegas is that Sin City never sleeps. It is open 24 hours a day. So if you and your date want to have a drink at one of the many casinos on the strip at 4am you can do so. There is no “Last Call” at 2 in the morning. You don’t need to call it a night just as things are starting to heat up on your date. While most cities are shutting down at 2am Las Vegas is just getting started. If you are in bed at 3am in Vegas you are doing it wrong. 


If you are still out trying to find the love of your life at four in the morning you will need to watch our for the escorts working the Vegas hotels. They are doing what those in the industry call “walking the carpet”.  They roam the hotels looking for clients. That’s right, those attractive women you see sitting alone in the casino bars are more often than not working girls. They are great for conversation but unless you’ve got a pocket full of cash an Interesting conversation is about as far as you’re going to get. 


Escorts in Las Vegas

 I once met a working girl at the 1923 BOURBON BAR inside the The Shoppes at Mandalay Place.  The Bourbon Bar is a speakeasy style bar that takes you back in time to the prohibition era. It was late in the evening on a weekday and the bar was mostly empty. She was extremely attractive and sitting all alone at a table texting on her phone. I grabbed a drink at the bar then walked up to her table and asked if she wanted some company. She glanced up for just a second and said ‘sure’ then went right back to texting. 


She eventually put her phone down and apologized. She was dressed casual in a sun dress and sandals. It was summertime and the temperature even late in the evening was hot. I asked if she was in town for work or pleasure. To my surprise she said she lives in Las Vegas. She asked me and I told her I was on a working vacation. She asked me if I had a room at the Mandalay Bay. I said no I am actually staying at Caesars Palace and that I was out casino hopping. She asked if I would like to get a bottle and go back to my room. It was at that point I realized she was a prostitute. She had to be because I am never that lucky. I was extremely disappointed. I thought I was actually getting somewhere with an extremely attractive girl. I honestly didn’t know what to do. I said ‘well I just got here so let’s have a couple drinks first then if we get along maybe we can go to my room’.  I knew this was not really an option but I was caught off guard and I didn’t want our conversation to end. 


Over the course of several more drinks I couldn’t help but ask her several questions about escorting for a living. She told me she has been working for several years and enjoys what she does. I asked her how much it would cost for her to come back to my room with me. She informed me it would depend on what I wanted.  That the price averages between $500 and $1,000 per hour.  I pretended to still be interested while knowing I only had about $100 bucks in my pocket and maybe $200 left in my bank account. 


Paying for affection is not really my thing anyway but I was intrigued by our conversation, she was definitely attractive and much better company than anyone else I met on my working vacation. During our conversation she got a call from one of the escort services that she calls on with daily. They asked her to go to the Wynn Hotel. She replied that she was 86’d from the Wynn. After she hung up I asked how do you get 86’d from a huge hotel like the Wynn? She told me that she’s 86’d from several strip properties. That it is a cat and mouse game between the working girls and hotel security. She said once security finds out you are working in their hotel there is a good chance they will get permanently 86’d from that property. A little over an hour of great conversation and laughs had passed by before she got a call to go to the Bellagio hotel. She said ‘put my number in your phone incase you decide you want company later’. It’s been almost a year since I put her number in my phone. I occasionally pause when scrolling past it. I often wonder how she’s doing and if she is still walking the carpets of Las Vegas.