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Looking For Escorts in Los Angeles? Try Casual Encounters 


There comes a time in our life where we are not available to fool around with people; whether we want sex, dates, a partner for life or casual encounters, when we know what we want, we go out there to get it.

Some men prefer looking for escorts in Los Angeles or surrounding cities like Long Beach, Orange County and Hollywood Hills, mostly because they don’t know the advantages of seeking for casual encounters instead.

And that’s why today we would like to talk to you about the difference between these dating choices and how you can have an active and satisfying sex life without getting into a formal relationship.


Being Single vs Casual Encounters 

It’s been said that single people are sad, boring, unhappy and constantly feel isolated. Human beings are not meant to be alone, but sometimes we can actually enjoy some time with ourselves.

Not being in a relationship does not mean being lonely, of course, you can feel that you need someone now and then, but it does not mean, at all, that you should force yourself to be in a relationship if you don’t want to, that’s why we have casual encounters.

Bella DePaulo, a Social Psychologist from the University of California has written many publications about how singles are stereotyped and how society favors marriage associating it with “real” happiness.

Getting married is a reason to be happy for many, but in no way it means you will be happy forever; the same principle applies to people starting a new relationship, it is not a promise for paradise per se.

DePaulo says that the single population has been growing for the past years, the reason? We are understanding that whether we decide to be single or if it’s just a phase of our lives, we have options to mingle with others that do not imply a commitment.

We also have a lot to learn from ourselves in our single time, getting to know how we feel toward others, about their bodies and ours, what we look forward in a life partner (if we ever feel like having one), how we manage our interests, and more.

Basically, being single is not bad nor it means you have to be alone all the time; and you don’t need to find escorts in Los Angeles either when you can have casual encounters at pvssy.com

Casual Encounters vs Escorts in Los Angeles

Men usually look for Escorts in Los Angeles because they think casual encounters websites are too expensive or eventually lead you to relationships.

However, these are all myths because adult social networks are specifically designed to fulfill their needs.

Escorts in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Fernando Valley and Long Beach are usually expensive and demand many conditions prior meeting for the first time.

Besides, you often get to see what kind of company they offer but not what you would like to find. Why pay for company when you can meet with a woman willingly and for free?

Adult friend sites ask you to register in order to create a profile that will let other members know who you are, it’s a personalized experience that lets you see other adults looking for sex and company in Los Angeles.

You get to see their pictures, if they have a relationship, their financial status, sexual orientation, what they are looking for and other features of their personalities and physical appearance.

Instead of pre-paying to go out with somebody, you simply message them and see where it goes. If you both feel comfortable with it, you can meet in person for whatever you both want, quick and easy.

You get to contact as many people as you want, you can propose a date for coffee, a beer, sex or anything you both would like to do and if something does not work between you two, well, at least you didn’t pay for a bad date like could happen with an LA Escort.

Great Places To Go On a First Date  

Feeling nervous about that first date? Don’t be, keep it chilled because you both are looking for adult friends for specific needs.

It is impossible to go on a first date without expectations, but you can learn to manage them. And one way to keep your nerves off is choosing the right place to go on a first date for a casual encounter.

To make the right choice you first need to think what the other person likes and what do you both want from this casual encounter. Is it just a talk? Meeting in person to see what happens next? Have you both already agreed to have sex?

If you have already stated that you want to hook-up for a night, a dinner and some wine or beers would be just fine to break the ice and start things between you two.

Some prefer to skip dinner since it may be seen as “too formal” for a casual encounter, but keep in mind that you are both adults here, you can have a nice talk while having a meal and that does not mean you want to marry each other.

Besides, what’s wrong with spending a little bit more time with a new person? Is not like you are paying for their time like when you look for escorts in Los Angeles, you both want to have a good time, so don’t be scared of fake compromises.

For this type of date, we recommend you going to Same Same (a wine bar and thai food restaurant in Silver Lake), and if you are bit reluctant about the idea or you know for sure it’s going to be a quick meal, Everson Royce Bar in Arts District is a great choice (great drinks and burgers at open doors).

Now, if you are both looking for something more serious, then lunch and coffee is your best option; suggest to this person going for a cup of coffee at a nice coffee shop close enough for both.

We do not recommend to go to bars or live music restaurants because if you two already have chemistry, you want to reinforce it with a live chat, and crowded places or loud music will interrupt the feedback between you two.

It’s better choosing something quieter like Kismet in Los Feliz (a Mediterranean small restaurant) or Marvin at Beverly Grove (an American bar); they are great options that may go a bit out of budget, but believe us when we tell you it’s going to be significantly cheaper than paying for a Los Angeles escort.

Now, if you have both already stated that sex is the menu of the night, maybe just grabbing a drink or two would be enough, and for that type of date you can pass by Neighbor on Abbot Kinney, a nice bar with tasty cocktails and great menu with an outdoor area to the stars at night. And for something classier, you can choose Augustine Wine Bar by Sherman Oaks, stunning 1900s decorations and tasteful wine.

Is your date a good dancer? Surprise them with your best moves try The Virgil at East Hollywood, great drinks, nice prices and two different stages for hip-hop lovers and pop dancers. And if you would like to show how you did it in the 80s, The Short Stop at Echo Park will be the perfect place for that first date. Did we mention This includes LGBT. those in the Gay and lesbian community are often looking for relationships without the commitment of a relationship. Pvssy also caters to LGBT. 

As you see, there are many options for adults that want to go out on a date or find someone to have sex with without needing a Los Angeles escort.

For beginners it may feel overwhelming, you have so many to choose that you may find it hard to decide the first time. But don’t worry, there are many men and women in Los Angeles and nearby cities looking for someone who wants just what they were looking for.

Daring to go on casual encounters will put you back on the game, whether you just got divorced, have an open relationship or feel like it’s time to share some part of your life with somebody else without making it too serious.

Are casual encounters sites better than dating apps? Yes, basically because you can skip people that are not looking for what you want, at pvssy.com you will find a wide range of men and women looking for sex, relationships, casual encounters, friends, and more.

You can message anyone and within a respectful and safe environment, you get to talk to people with the same interests as you. But you have the advantage of seeing exactly what they want, how they look like and how to contact them.

Los Angeles is in the top 10 cities for best casual encounters, why are you wasting your time looking for escorts in Los Angeles then? Dive into pvssy.com and start meeting people you will actually like without paying for a blind date with someone without anything in common.