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Miami is truly an amazing place to live. Miami is on the southern tip of Florida and is on the Atlantic coast side of Florida. It is also one of the most popular cities visited by tourists in the United States. 

Finding a Miami Casual Encounter

We wanted to take a moment to explain the differences between a Casual Encounter experience and hiring Miami Escorts. A Casual Encounter is when you hook up with someone for a sexual encounter without any monetary compensation. Many people these days enjoy being single, they enjoy their independence and the freedom that many can only feel from being single. Those that enjoy the independence of being single still have sexual urges and need to satisfy those urges without committing to a long term relationship, so they look for other like-minded people that want to hook up for a casual encounter. Most casual encounters are a one time meeting but some will go on for two or three before moving on to someone else. 



Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits is another ideal relationship for someone that enjoys the independence and freedom that being single provides. The problem people often run into in these relationships is someone often starts to grow feelings for the other. Feelings that are not returned. 



The Miami Escorts

There are thousands of Escorts in Miami and many of them are absolutely beautiful but unlike a Casual Encounter Escorts cost money. Usually a lot of money. Also depending on what services they provide you could very well be breaking the law. If you are looking for Miami Escorts there are plenty of websites that cater to escorts. The PVSSY website caters to those looking for Casual Encounters but a simple search on the internet will pull up several of those websites. Remember to do your research and make sure you are not breaking any of the local laws in Miami before contacting anyone online.

Many don’t realize Miami Beach and Miami are two completely different cities. Miami, sits on the mainland and is a cosmopolitan city. Miami Beach, is located on the outer bank and is populated with tourists and is a hot spot for millennial’s and college students on spring break. You can also find some of the most beautiful women in the world in Miami Beach. From Miami Beach to Fort Lauder dale is only 31.3 miles (ca. 50 km) and is another hot spot for finding that Casual Encounter. It’s important to remember that Fort Lauder dale escorts do not all work within the law so you are much better off finding a Casual Encounter using our website or one similar. Don’t be afraid to explore your options and do your research. 


 Top 5 Reasons to use PVSSY

* Convenience: No need to go out and spend a small fortune at some over priced nightclub. You can find the perfect match for you without leaving your home. 


* Options: If you have a particular taste you are sure to find it. With so many profiles on PVSSY you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. 


* Financial: For those that want to browse and contact our members it is 100% free. You can search thousands of profiles without ever paying a penny. 


* Unique: While most other websites focus on love or escorts are target audience are those looking for a casual encounter


* Locations: We have a wide selection of locations to choose from. From Miami to Las Vegas, and Los Angeles to Chicago. We cover every large city in the United States and abroad. 

Prostitution is Illegal

Don’t risk your career by hiring Miami Escorts. They are expensive and in some cases illegal. Find yourself a like minded individual that is looking for sex without the monetary compensation. There are thousands of individuals just like yourself that are looking for a one night fling. Do your homework before meeting anyone from online. You may not release she is a prostitute until it is too late. 



Hot Dating Ideas in Florida

A Casual Encounter doesn’t Necessarily have to be all about sex. There are so many things to do in Florida and some of those just suck to do alone. So here are a few ideas to do with your next casual encounter.  


Enjoy some fun in the sun at Nikki Beach. A nice picnic on the beach on a beautiful Florida summer day is always a nice relaxing way to spend the day. Basking in the sun while enjoying amazing views. 

You can escort your date down to Surfside for the boutiques and fine restaurants. Stroll from shop to shop It makes for a nice relaxing day. 


Boat tours are another great way to impress your date. There are an endless amounts of companies that provide boat tours out of Miami. You can do tours of the islands, tours for whale watching, tours of celebrities homes or any combination of the above. Always do your homework when hiring a tour boat company. Read the online reviews. 


A premier dinner cruise is truly magnificent. There are few views more beautiful than stargazing off the Atlantic while on a dinner Cruise. Again make sure you read the reviews before deciding on what cruise line to choose. We recommend a dinner cruise with Catamaran.


Hopefully this article has been helpful. Remover PVSSY when searching for your next Casual Encounter. Avoid the Escorts in Miami and look for people like yourself that are looking for a casual hook-up.