Dating in New York City

Dating in New York

New York is a city of continuous entertainment, busy schedules, and lots of single men and women. You can get captivated in the city’s dating whirlwind easily. NYC can be the perfect place to  find your match, but if you’re in search of a real relationship, it may be challenging. The population of New York is 8.5 million and the ratio of male to females in the city is roughly 48.5% males to 51.5% females according to the 2017 census report. That’s good news for the single men living in New York City. 


Love Trumps Politics  

In NYC love trumps politics. New Yorkers look the other way when it comes to crossing political party lines. 78% of the single women in the city would date someone from the opposing political party.


Escorts for Convenience 

Single men often opt for hiring escorts in New York because of their busy schedules. Hiring New York escorts may be quick and easy but it is not without risk. but having a friend with benefits relationship can be much more beneficial. Dating in New York is rewarding because of the following reasons:


 .• Endless Opportunities 

With so many single men and women across the 5 boroughs of New York your opinions are truly endless. Why hire high dollar Manhattan escorts when you have so many opportunities to meet NYC singles. From the Bronx and Staten Island to our close neighbors in New Jersey your options are unlimited. It is almost certain that no matter who you are if you live in New York you have dating opportunities. You can post a personals ad on one of the many dating websites online or maybe the more traditional way of meeting in public at a local coffee shop or pub. The grocery store is always a favorite as well. If you are fortunate enough to live in this beautiful fast paced metropolis you will find it is extremely easy to meet other singles like yourself. So don’t take the easy way out by hiring escorts in New York. hiring NYC escorts can get you someone you want but it can cost you in the end.


  • There are many things to do.

It’s not difficult to get trapped in your patterns. Fortunately, dating in New York will give you the opportunity to move beyond your comfort zone. Even if you are not interested in doing anything except getting a drink on the first dates or taking a walk to a new cafe, a mixology bar, or a lovely rooftop to have a nice view of the city. You might go on many first dates and never have to visit the same place twice.


  • Crunch the numbers.

Online dating statistics show that 20%  of those that meet on Internet dating websites are happy with their relationship. correlate this with the online options of searching for the special someone by demographic data, such as education level or income. 9% of successful marriages in 2016 were couples that met through online dating. Statistics also show those who chose a committed relationship over hiring escorts were more satisfied with their decision.