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Why you Should Choose a Casual Encounter over Escorts in Phoenix

As human beings, we love company. Whether that company is only for a night, for a weekend, or a few months, whether it’s just about sex, grabbing a drink, going to the movies or open relationships; it’s not running away from commitment, it’s enjoying casual encounters.

Some men prefer to keep paying for escorts in Phoenix and surrounding cities like Tucson, Glendale, and Mesa because they think casual encounters can lead to serious emotional attachments, but that’s not how it works.

Why pay for human company when there are hundreds of men and women looking for exactly the same thing you are looking for? Let’s talk about how casual encounters are better than escorts in Phoenix and how to start meeting new people.

Being Single Does Not Mean Being Lonely

It is said that single people are boring, sad and lonely, but that’s not true at all! Being single can be a healthy choice, if you simply don’t want to settle down, for whatever reason, then you shouldn’t do it.

There are many psychological studies that prove that being single is actually something good, it’s not a reason for society to alienate anyone.

Bella DePaulo, a social scientist from the University of California studied the single population in America, finding that single people, despite what everyone believes, are quite happy with their choice and do not want to change it.

According to DePaulo, single people tend to be more self-reliant and motivated than those who are in a relationship, this doesn’t mean married people are completely unhappy, it only means that happiness does not rely on finding a partner for the rest of our lives.

In fact, single people are more likely to grow as individuals, understand better how they interact with others, prioritize their emotional needs and enjoy sex much more.

Not having a partner for a while means single people have fewer social obligations, giving them enough time to pursue their career goals, meet new people, enjoy their hobbies, focusing on themselves and learning from his experience.

Being single also means you don’t have to be monogamous, nor you have to be completely alone. More and more people in America are delaying the marriage stage because they want to explore more, and being single is, actually, quite trendy these days.

If you are one of the single people that would love to share one night or two with someone else now and then, you must try casual encounters.

Casual Encounters  or Phoenix Escorts

Men that look for escorts in Phoenix, Mesa, Tucson and other surrounding cities usually complain about how expensive and impersonal it can be.

If you choose casual encounter websites for adults instead of paying for an escort, you have the opportunity of getting to know someone who’s looking exactly what you are looking for.

Probably the best part, besides saving the escort’s money, is that you will be meeting people from Phoenix voluntarily, without much formality, and you both can have a great time together doing exactly what you both want.

There’s no need to spend months or weeks before hooking up with somebody, and you don’t need to answer hundreds of questions to make a match.

Submerging into the sea of casual encounters through allows you to create a personal profile where you can upload a picture of yourself, tell other users what you’re up to, meet women in your area, and more.

You also get to see more information about them before sending them a message, because it is important to see as much as possible from a person before engaging into a passionate conversation that could lead to a hookup.

More and more adults in Phoenix are using casual encounters’ sites because they don’t want to pay to get on dates, specially a date that has so many rules and ends at an exact hour.

Casual encounters are scheduled between two adults, depending on what they would like to do, they can go for a coffee, a few drinks, a short date, a movie, just sex or all of the above, the only rule is to have fun with each other.

And if there’s no chemistry between you two, believe us when we tell you that even if it’s a bad date, it will be cheaper and more interesting than paying for an escort.

Great Places to Go  On a First Date in Phoenix

Where to go on a first date in Phoenix? This is an important question, especially if you have been out of the dating game for a while. Once you ask some out and they say yes, you should have in mind a place you would like to go, but if you don’t, then analyze a little the situation.

Depending on how the first chats with this other person go, you can either choose a date that’s going to last half the night or just grabbing a few drinks and then check in a motel.

And if you are not quite sure about what this other person wants, it’s part of the profile so you can take a sneak peek and get some clues.

Leave your worries behind and get ready to have a great night with someone special; if you two would like to intimate a little before hooking up, it’s a great idea going for a nice dinner, it doesn’t have to be super formal or anything like that, just keep it casual.

For a casual dinner you can pass by Cibo, a small little Italian restaurant by Roosevelt. It’s a great spot for adults to have dinner and to enjoy a nice chat. And if your intention is getting to know this person more or simply make a bond, we recommend you places where the music is not that loud.

Another great choice for those who like to know better their date before doing anything physical is Cartel Coffee Lab. One of the best coffees in Phoenix, fantastic ambient to have a great conversation and delicious snacks, sounds like a nice date, right?

But if you and your date have dancing feet, then pass by Bar Smith at Copper Square; it’s a fine night club with great cocktails and a huge dancefloor. It also has an open roof, so if you need to pull a romantic move, that’s the place.

Choosing a night club as your first date is something you should suggest to the other person, not everyone likes to dance, so if you are a dancefloor enthusiast and want to surprise your date, better ask her first if would like to dance.

If she doesn’t, you can always pull a classic dinner or coffee afternoon.

What about those who just want to get laid? Well, that’s up to you two but if you would like to grab some drinks to break the ice before the big night, you can pass by Durant’sin Virginia Ave. Get a drink or two, maybe an appetizer and you’ll be more than fine.

Another similar option for those who know most of the night will be spend in bed, is Timo Wine Bar in North Mountain. It has a chilled ambient with an open terrace that will surprise every girl that comes here for the first place.

It’s not as juvenile as Durant’s but still isn’t quite a formal restaurant, so your casual encounter plan remains exactly like that, casual.

You see, there are many options to find Phoenix escorts, but when you have the opportunity to meet someone that want’s exactly what you have to offer, there’s no need to keep spending money on escorts.

Many people feel afraid of using casual encounters websites because they think it could lead to a potential relationship with someone else, but that’s not necessarily truth.

We are all adults at, you can search men and women in your area that just want a night hook up, company for dancing, perhaps just having lunch while they’re on vacations.

This type of site is focused on your needs, being single is about getting to know you, about enjoying your time alone and making the improvements you need to make in your personality.

We have already stated that, according to experts, being single is not a bad thing nor it leads to eternal unhappiness, it’s actually a choice that must be respected and everyone has the right to decide whether they want to be single for longer or start having dates.

Fortunately for both scenarios, has a wide range of users in Phoenix willing to meet new people.

What are you waiting for? Join us and start living the single’s life you deserve